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DIY Roach Killer

cute roach

cute, huh? because nobody wants to see even a photo of a real one…

Requests for natural help dealing with roach infestations come up so often that I thought I’d dedicate a minute to the pests that everybody loves to hate.

Rather than getting your home toxed out with pest spray, there is a very easy, cheap method to kill off the roaches that come into your home seeking warmth, water & food.

Mix equal parts white sugar and baking soda, put some of the mixture in little saucers (or clean jar lids), then place the saucers in places where you have seen the roaches, out of reach of pets. Baking soda is supposedly non-toxic for pets, but you’ll want to avoid having them eat it anyway, otherwise, the roaches won’t be able to!

The sugar attracts the roaches, but the baking soda is incompatible with their digestive systems. The roaches who eat the sugar & baking soda mixture will die, and the roaches who eat those roaches (nasty critters) will also die. 

Every time I’ve used this trick, the roaches are gone within a few days. I have tried this method several times in different homes and so far it has worked every time.  

See? Wasn’t that easy? Now go do something fun since you have saved yourself from pesticide poisoning!

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12 comments on “DIY Roach Killer

  1. dulcemareas
    April 25, 2012

    Reblogged this on dulce mareas.

  2. miche123
    May 18, 2012

    Thank you. I will try this tonight. By baking soda, you mean bicarbonate of soda?

    • Krissyhix
      May 18, 2012


      • miche123
        May 18, 2012

        Thanks :) I hope it doesn’t make their stomachs fix up and explode ;)

      • Krissyhix
        May 18, 2012

        Not more than their nasty little exoskeletons can contain! : )

      • miche123
        May 18, 2012

        Lovely to know that. I can’t use sprays or pesticides so this is handy!

      • Krissyhix
        May 18, 2012

        You can also use borax instead of the bicarbonate, if you have any. None of us should be using sprays or pesticides anyway, due to the risk of compromising our own health! I’ve heard too many stories of people becoming Chemically Sensitive after pesticide exposure…

      • miche123
        May 18, 2012

        Yep, have some borax. I can’t believe companies can get away with selling people toxic products when so many people get sick from them.

      • Krissyhix
        May 18, 2012

        Hopefully the future world will look back on this madness and go “jeez, they were so ignorant back then!” Let’s hope that future world isn’t TOO far away…

      • miche123
        May 20, 2012

        Yes! I can see it in my mind’s eye… :)

  3. Michael Simonelli
    May 28, 2012

    thanks good one!

  4. Susan Loving
    December 4, 2012

    This really works I promise. I love it. I use the caps off of so
    da bottles and fill them up and place them in all corners and cabinets. So little you can’t even see them.

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